Nathan Vienneau


Nathan is a passionate and dedicated registered kinesiologist, holding a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from U of C. His extensive education has equipped him with comprehensive knowledge in anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and sports and exercise psychology. He is also a FRC Mobility Specialist.

In January 2022, Nathan became a valued member of the One-on-One team. Since his early years, he has been captivated by athletics, participating as a competitive swimmer and enjoying recreational lacrosse, soccer, and basketball. Nathan’s fitness journey has embraced a multidisciplinary approach, including involvement in strength training, calisthenics, martial arts, yoga, acrobatics, rock climbing, and cycling.

Throughout his university years, Nathan experienced a challenging period when he herniated a disc, leading to debilitating pain even during basic daily activities. This personal experience allows him to genuinely empathize with individuals enduring chronic pain and the mental distress associated with it.

Through perseverance, extensive research, and dedicated effort, Nathan successfully rehabilitated his back and a torn rotator cuff, emerging as his fittest and strongest self. Driven by his own transformative journey, Nathan aspires to assist his clients in regaining strength and confidence in their bodies after an injury. Moreover, he possesses the expertise to aid in powerlifting and bodybuilding goals, weight loss endeavors, and enhancing sport-specific performance.

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