Nathan is a registered kinesiologist who graduated from U of C with a bachelor’s of Kinesiology and an understanding of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and sports and exercise psychology.

Nathan joined One-on-One in January 2022. In his youth he was drawn to athletics, being a competitive swimmer, and played recreational lacrosse, soccer, and basketball. He has taken a multidisciplinary approach to fitness being involved in strength training, calisthenics, martial arts, yoga, acrobatics, rock climbing, and cycling. 

During his time at university, he herniated a disc which made even basic daily activities painful. This allows him to empathize with those that experience chronic pain and the mental distress that goes along with it.

Today, after much work and research, he successfully rehabbed his back and a torn rotator cuff and is the fittest and strongest he has ever been. Nathan wants to help his clients regain strength and confidence in their bodies after an injury. He is also able to help with the goals of powerlifting and bodybuilding, weight loss, and sport-specific performance.

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