A Memoir by Sandra Bueckert - Davison


You are not what has happened to you

This book is dedicated to my seven-year-old self and to every little boy and girl on Earth who has had to make themselves small to survive. Just because we made ourselves small does not make us small people. The best revenge is living well.

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Brilliant, powerful, brave, and inspiring are the words that come to mind. I would not change a word. This is so good. Just wow.

I want to say that your voice SHINES throughout the manuscript. I can literally hear your voice as I read. In my view, that’s exactly how it should read. The one thing that popped out to me at various points was the need for “more."

I love the sub title “You are Not What Has Happened to You”. This is a very interesting autobiography and is a page turner!! Well done Sandra.

There was so much I loved about your memoir. First and foremost, it is how real and raw it feels. I literally gasped several times, and it was mixed with laughter and true sorrow. You have a powerful voice and the emotional power of your story comes through so clear. I think you need to get this out into the world so people can hear your story right away.

Life is beautiful and messy.

Resilience - A memoir

I look back at my life and the obstacles I’ve overcome, and I’m awed. Until I started writing this book, I hadn’t fully examined my past and the role that fitness played within it. What I know for sure is that fitness for me is a way of life, far more than mere exercise. For me, it was the path to survival and empowerment.

Here is my journey.

*Inside, a collection of personal photographs and memories.

Stories of Resilience

Meet the woman behind Calgary’s One On One Personal Fitness. Sandra Bueckert is authentic and engaging. Transported from Jamaica, learning to speak like a Canadian, overcoming bullies, tragedies, and divorce and earning a fair share of client  triumphs, this podcast lays  bare the family script, personal trauma, self-worth, and being good enough for yourself. 


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