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Sandra has been working online with Seema for over 1 year and folks, she still managed to lose 10.16 % body fat (even during Covid 19).

She is our second place winner of the Lean and Mean challenge. Seema is 50 years old and a mom of 3.

I’ll let Seema take it from here…

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Melanie Hart


Melanie is our 2021 Lean & Mean Challenge winner. She lost 32% body fat and won a $1000.00 shopping spree!

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Katrin 02


Change is hard even if it is a good change. But I must say that getting out of one’s comfort zone leads you to new and exciting places.

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Lesley Morden

Lesley Morden

Click here to book your FREE Consultation  “I found that the biggest hurdle for me was my own mindset….” I began my fitness journey at

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Cindy Stephan

Cindy Stephen

Click here to book your FREE Consulation Do you remember Cindy Stephen? Her story went…. I don’t remember why, on a dark winter’s night, I

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Donita McGill

Click here to book your FREE Consulation Ms. Fit 2019 56 year-old Donita McGill How did doing a competition stack up against what you thought

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Calgary personal training Sheila Kelly

Sheila Kelly

Lean & Mean: Second Place Winner Sheila Kelly “Nothing tastes as good as health and strength feels.” Sheila lost 49% of her initial body fat. What

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Calgary personal training Kate Maclachlan

Kate Maclachlan

New mom and second generation One On One client Kate Maclachlan.  “I think that being fit going into my pregnancy had a hugely positive impact.  I felt completely

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Calgary personal training K Halchuk

Kim Halchuk

2019 Lean & Mean 2019 Winner Kim Halchuk Kim lost 52.38% of her initial body fat! What made you decide to enter the 2019 Lean

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Calgary personal training Dennis

Dennis Pinco

Dennis Pinco lost 120 pounds! 36.82% change during the Lean and Mean Challenge A defining moment:  I was having health problems that were going to require extreme measures. Two years

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