Calgary Nutritional Counselling Salad


There is no doubt that physical activity has many health benefits. When it comes to maximizing your workouts or improving athletic performance, optimal nutrition and physical activity go hand in hand.

Shrimp Burgers

I still eat rice, pasta and bread but whole grains instead of white processed foods I cook 90% of what I eat at home, that

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Calgary personal training Recipes

Protein Balls

Protein Balls: (Approximately 25 grams of protein per ball)Danny ArnoldThanks to One On One fitness trainer Danny Arnold these protein balls are a nutrient dense

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Calgary personal training Smoothies

Smoothie Recipes

As a quick breakfast, satisfying snack, or healthy dessert, a smoothie can be a tasty and portable meal for those busy individuals who are frequently

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Calgary personal training recipes

Mini Meal Ideas

Looking for some healthy meal ideas? We’ve got you covered!  • Turkey roll-up – 3 oz. turkey deli meat, 1 oz light mozzarella cheese, 2

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