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Codrut (pronounced as Codroot) always dreamed of becoming a soccer player but due to a form of arthritis, had to quit playing soccer at a competitive level. In 1987, Codrut emigrated from Romania to Canada where he discovered a new sport – bodybuilding. Codrut was impressed with the physique of the bodybuilders at the time and started to lift weights. To his surprise, weight training started to affect his arthritis in a very positive way. At that point says Codrut, “I realized that weight training was not a hobby anymore but part of my life!”

He moved to Calgary in 2000 to complete a Kinesiology degree at the University of Calgary. Codrut  has over 25 years of Personal training experience. His last  19 years have been at One On One. As a seasoned trainer Codrut has had the opportunity to work with  a variety of clients. Through continuing education and hands on experience, he’s  able to help clients with various needs. From the advanced fitness participant to the post injury or post surgery client, Codrut is able to provide qualified guidance and motivation.

Codrut says, “ever since weight training became a part of my life positive things have happened. I found a way to quit smoking, stay healthy and started a new career.” Codrut is a firm believer that, “exercising brought order and structure to his life and has helped him to accomplish things faster and easier than ever before.”

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