Melanie Hart
Melanie is our 2021 Lean & Mean Challenge winner. She lost 32% body fat and won a $1000.00 shopping spree!

Why did you enter the Lean and Mean Challenge?

Ever since I began going to One On One Personal Fitness, I have always entered the Lean and Mean challenge, however I have never really taken it to task. This year was different. I had actually begun my journey prior to the competition actually starting. The stars aligned and I figured I had nothing to lose (except weight!).

What did you learn about yourself and your fitness over the last  

I learned that we need to take care of and nurture ourselves first, so that we may show up fully for the people in our lives that we love.

What did you learn about your nutrition habits over the last year? 

I learned that making smoothies and eating cleanly was not as daunting as I felt it was and that as delicious as sugar is, it is also incredibly deceiving. I would even go as far as to say, my enemy!

Viewing sample menus and discovering what foods I already enjoyed that were good to eat, was a great place to start. Learning about how important protein is and how we certainly lack in intake, was a massive stepping stone in helping me to feel full and satiated throughout my day.

I have always been a very social creature and going out to eat ends up being a regular indulgence. I started to only order an appetizer, or split a main and take the rest home for leftovers! And yes, listening to Broden’s most informative videos and his great sense of humor made it much more fun.

What was the toughest part of the Lean and Mean Challenge for you?

The toughest part of the Lean and Mean challenge was maintaining the motivation to get out of bed and get on my recumbent bike. I can’t tell you how many minutes I spent lingering, tempted to hit snooze, arguing with my alter ego. It has been so eye-opening to experience how amazing and potent the effects of exercise are on my mood and my brain!What was the most rewarding aspect of the event for you?

For me, just being on the journey was rewarding. The realization that I could in fact do IT and it did get EASIER each week. I loved watching the transformation my body was undergoing, the definition, the tone, and feeling my increase in strength from workout to workout. And getting a new wardrobe is kind of fun too!

What did your friends and family think about what you were doing?

My family and friends thought that what I was doing was wonderful! They were all so incredibly supportive!  I must credit my daughter Samantha for being the most inspirational. Thanks to my partner Andy and my beautiful friend Anita who was another major influence! Thanks Codrut (my One On One trainer),  for always keeping me feeling challenged and engaged in my strength training workouts.

What are your goals now?

My goal now is to build more lean muscle mass and become stronger! I plan to improve and get ready for Ms. Fit!

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