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Change is hard even if it is a good change. But I must say that getting out of one’s comfort zone leads you to new and exciting places.

Why did you enter the Lean and Mean Challenge?

I gained 15 pounds during Covid and could no longer fit my clothes! I needed to lose the weight but I also wanted to get stronger and work on my balance. Having recently put my mother in a seniors’ facility, I saw firsthand the difficulties some of the seniors have with moving and doing simple tasks. I want to be proactive so that I can age well. This challenge came at the right time to keep me focussed on my goals.

What did you learn about yourself and your fitness over the last year

My twice weekly online sessions with Broden kept me on track and gave structure to my week. I doubt I would have worked out on my own without those scheduled sessions. It was difficult some days but I felt so much better after the workout.

 What did you learn about your nutrition habits over the last year?

I am a stress eater so with the impact of Covid 19 my portion sizes gradually crept up and I realized I was rewarding myself with a glass of wine or some chocolate just to cope with my new reality. I reacquainted myself with portion sizes and looked up new recipes to try so I could eat delicious and healthy meals. I found different ways to soothe myself that didn’t include food – reading, taking an hour for myself or going for a walk outside.

 What was the toughest part of the Lean and Mean challenge for you? 

Doing cardio has always been hard for me. I knew that I had to get my heart rate up to lose the pounds so I persevered. I watched TV while I was on the treadmill and the minutes flew by.

What was the most rewarding aspect of the event for you?

I am happy to fit most of my clothes again. I feel stronger and have more energy. I have better sleep on the days I work out.

What did your friends and family think about what you were doing? 

My husband was a great support and would often initiate walks outside. We both realize the impact that fitness has in aging well in our retirement years.

What are your goals now?

I want to continue with the new habits I have incorporated in my life and hopefully lose a few more pounds.

If you could give advice to another person who was struggling with their fitness what would that be?

Self talk is a huge part of one’s fitness journey. Try not to beat yourself up; instead pat yourself on the back for doing even a little bit. Starting is what is important. Arm yourself with tools for success; write in a food journal, hire a personal trainer and develop an exercise plan. And be patient with yourself – it didn’t take a month to get out of shape so you can’t expect to get back in shape in a month. Celebrate all your successes.

I would like to thank Sandra and Broden for helping and encouraging me on this fitness journey. Getting a new hairdo and makeup as part of the prize for coming second was uncomfortable for me. Change is hard even if it is a good change. But I must say that getting out of one’s comfort zone leads you to new and exciting places. I love my new hair and can’t thank Wendy and her team at Influence Salon enough. Thank you also to Doug Cressman who did my beautiful makeup. I put in the work to change my body and the others updated my look.

What a fabulous way to  celebrate yourself!

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