Cindy Stephen

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Do you remember Cindy Stephen?

Her story went….

I don’t remember why, on a dark winter’s night, I sent a private message on Instagram, reaching out to I didn’t know who with a question.  I don’t even remember the question.  And I got a very quick reply.

“Hi Cindy.  Can you please tell me more about your history” was the response.

Well, I let ‘er rip.  I wasn’t sure who I was talking to, but I let it all out.

She was speaking to owner Sandra Bueckert.

I am proud of Cindy. Wouldn’t you say she looks 10 years younger ?!

Cindy lost 20% from her initial body fat assessment in October 2020 and during COVID-19!

Our (lock down interrupted) final body fat assessment was on April 14.

This spunky 64 year old mom  of 6 is the 2021 winner of our Lean and Mean Challenge and a $1000.00 shopping spree.

I’ll let Cindy take it from here…

First of all, thank you to Broden for his unwavering support and dedication.

To Sandra for incredible encouragement and personal interest in me and all of her clients.

Congratulations to everyone who entered and finished the challenge.

I started with One on One in February 2020, coming once a week and training with Broden, a very knowledgeable, confident and reassuring presence in the gym.

Unlike other exercise programs I’d done before, which were much too rigorous for my poor level of fitness and therefore, unsustainable, Broden had the insight and know-how to adapt exercises so they were easier to do yet still effective.

Week after week , there were successes.  When COVID-19 moved our sessions to Facetime, Broden again was able to find routines I could do in my living room that were challenging.  I was on a roll, finding daily tasks much easier to do with less pain.

I soon graduated to twice weekly sessions.  Nutrition counseling reinforced what I already knew and provided extra guidance.

While I was very motivated to exercise, I was  not motivated to give up eating and drinking alcohol…

I entered the Lean and Mean Challenge as a way to move to the next level.  I moved drinking to the weekends and by the first challenge deadline, had lost a total of 15 pounds.   With the gyms locked down again and the challenge up in the air, my desire to sincerely be “lean” took over and I upped my game.

I added walking to the mix with a goal of 10,000 steps a day in the hopes of walking a total distance of 2,000 km by my 65th birthday in October 2021.

I decided January would be “dry”, completely, and actually didn’t have my first drink of alcohol until Valentine’s Day.   On off days from One one One, I added aerobics to my weekly routine .

By measurement day for the Challenge, I had a total weight loss of 30 lbs since beginning at One on One.

Thank you to this incredible trio of professionals. You made Cindy feel like a million bucks!

Perry Thompson Photography

Douglas Cressman: Make up artist

Influence-A Wendy Bélanger Salon: Hair Stylist

What I learned most about myself and my fitness…

Is  a true understanding that I can’t do it all in a day.

I learned that slow and steady works.  It’s not perfection, it’s consistency.

The nutrition part of the challenge was a good reminder of how food is fuel, and the (studio) video on alcohol really hit home.

Some days I did NOT want to go to the gym or answer Broden’s Facetime call.   The way I motivated myself was to imagine how good I would feel after.

The most rewarding aspect of the event for me, isn’t the prize, it’s finishing.  Not dropping out, not quitting.  The completion.

My goal now is to carry on. I know that when I’m leaner, stronger, lighter I will feel younger.

My advice to someone struggling with their fitness is, do one thing today.  Follow one fitness person on social media, read one chapter of a fitness book, send one email asking for advice, do one exercise, ask yourself one question.

And that question could be…. what am I NOT willing to do?   A discouraged person might say, I am not willing to grunt and groan my way through a work out.

Me? I found power in telling myself that I was NOT willing to be overweight, hurting and crippled in my old age.

That was enough to make me willing to do the work.


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