Lesley Morden

Lesley Morden

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 “I found that the biggest hurdle for me was my own mindset….”

I began my fitness journey at One On One just over 2 years ago.

I had recently returned from a trip to Mexico with friends and when I saw the pictures of myself in a bathing suit on my return, I was appalled!  I looked like a bowling ball.

I took the plunge and met with Sandra at One On One.  Boy, am I ever glad I did!  I really struggled with the 3X weekly sessions for the first 3 months.  Broden worked me hard and, I have to say, I was at times very discouraged at the pace of my weight loss.

As I got stronger and my endurance improved and following the advice from Broden that I would see better results if I supplemented my studio workouts with activity at home, my weight loss became more consistent.

Covid 19 hasn’t stopped my activity levels and, in fact, it has enhanced my dedication to health and fitness; not only to combat illness but, given the state of debilitation my mother is in (without  physical activity), I can see how I DON’T want to end up at the end of my life.

I have rediscovered the FUN of physical activity and the quality it brings to my life now that I’ve lost around 25 pounds and dropped 45.6% of my body fat.

I aim to continue what I’ve been doing and I hope to lose even more fat, concentrating on working various problem areas.  I want to continue along this road until my last breath.  So, onward and upward!

I am extremely grateful to have found One On One and whenever anyone asks how I got to be fitter than I have been in years, I tell them without hesitation that I couldn’t have done any of this without Sandra and Broden!

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