The Body Renovation Journey: Getting back up when you fall

Written By: Mario Toneguzzi

Today, like probably thousands of other Canadians, I hit my local gym for a workout to burn off those huge number of calories I consumed during the holiday season.

Leading up to Christmas, I was doing quite well on my Body Renovation Journey – a journey to transform my life and become healthy again. But man oh man the Christmas season with its parties and family gatherings sidetracked me a bit. A bit? Who am I kidding? Make that a lot.

Quite a discouragement when I realized how much I had strayed from the path set before me last fall by Sandra Bueckert-Davison, owner of One on One and her staff of trainers.

So I asked Sandra for some advice. 

Sandra Bueckert-Davison
Sandra Bueckert-Davison

“In my opinion, there is no “falling off the wagon.” There’s just life and living. A perfect life is a myth. There will be on days, off days and days where things run smoothly. This mindset applies to our careers, family life, fitness and nutrition,” she told me.

“This is also where the 80/20 suggestion comes into play. Eat well most of the time, so that when you indulge, it’s no big deal.”

For Sandra, fitness and nutrition are two pillars of her life – essential and necessary for the quality of life she wants to have.

“This is a daily, conscious decision,” says Sandra.

“If you want what you’ve never had, you must do what you’ve never done.

“Insanity is not doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results; insanity is doing the same thing over and over again knowing full well what the results will be.”

Physical fitness and health in many ways come down to your mental strength. 

Similar to building a stronger body, how do we build a stronger mind? Repetition and increasing the intensity of the workouts. Same with the mind. It’s about repetition in the choices we make and how the choices become easier as we grow on the journey of increasing the ‘toughness’ of those choices. 

So when you fall – like I have in the past couple of weeks – the choice is before us. Stay down or get right back up.

I’ve chosen to get right back up and return to the Body Renovation Journey with a renewed commitment and renewed enthusiasm. 

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