Estrogen and Men

Both men and women have a balance of estrogen and testosterone.
But, what happens if a man has too much estrogen?
Infertility: High estrogen levels may cause the sperm levels to fall.
Gynecomastia (bitch tits-see photo): Too much estrogen stimulates the breasts to grow.
Erectile dysfunction: Too much estrogen can interfere with getting an erection.
Your doctor can send you for blood tests to determine if your hormone levels are out of balance.

Client: Erica Rumph

In 2015 I found myself 140 pounds thinner but with no knowledge at all on fitness and nutrition, crazy right? Well, I had used one of those restricted 800 calorie a day diets to achieve my goals. I knew statistically I would gain all of the weight back if I didn’t make a change. I called One On One and decided I was ready to learn how to eat better and be healthy. For me, healthy (at that time) meant, “skinny”. Coming from an obesity back ground, that was always my way of thinking!

2.5 years later I gained back 40 pounds of 140 pounds! Most people gain 100% of their weight back and more within the first year of ending a crash diet! I am now the healthiest I have ever been in my life. Portion control keeps me consciously aware of my choices. I don’t worry about that extra glass of wine ( Ok Ok bottle lol!). I don’t diet anymore.

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