Have you taken a look at the size of the dining plates and wine glasses when you’ve gone out to eat?! Holy crap! Everything is supersized and we’re buying supersized dinnerware which leads to portions that are simply too large. Here are a few tips for today.

Plates are 9 to 10 inches in diameter at most/Water glasses are 16oz or larger/Cereal bowls are smaller than 16 oz/ Non-water glasses are tall and thin

Dining Table:

Diner is eaten at the kitchen or dining room table/There is no TV on or visible to encourage mindless eating/Half the plate is filled with vegetables/Children under 12 use smaller plates and bowls/ Salad and Vegetables are served first /Serving bowls for starches and entrees stay in the kitchen/Everyone has a water glass/Serving utensils are 1 Tbsp or smaller/ No soft drinks at the table/ No wine at the table (if served, used small glasses)

TV Room or Home Office:

Water is always within reach/If there are snacks, they are 6 feet away/Serve snacks out of small bowls, not original containers/ Any wrapper or can is left in view (helps you to keep track of the damage).

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