Detox and Fitness Shake up – Stay Inspired

What’s your purpose? For some of us, this is hard to admit to. Every day, people tell me that they want to get fit to live longer, that they want to be role models for their kids or that they need to get their blood pressure under control…Blah. Blah. Blah.
Yes, these are important and lofty goals. But…..deep down…. you (secretly tell me) want to feel hot, sexy and desirable. You’ve become tired of hiding behind baggy clothes and turning the light off before getting naked. You’re tired of the mom or dad bod! Look inside and figure out the primary driving purpose for getting fit and healthy. Whoever reaches the deepest will have a good shot at reaching their goal and the satisfaction of starting down a life changing path.

• The scale is a liar: Give up on the scale and take measurements. Your clothes don’t lie.

• Plan your week – no plan – no progress. Prepare meals for multiple days; include all of the workouts / walks / aerobic workouts

• Have a trigger list of music. When you listen to this playlist, it helps you push a little more weight or go for another set.

• Make sure you have support. Have friends or/and family that will support you in your endeavor.

• Every now and then do a kitchen makeover. Go through your pantry, freezer and fridge and throw out the processed foods or all the extra junk food that you say you will never touch but do.

• Discuss it with your trainer – even if you think it might not matter. Allow your trainer to offer you advice on nutrition and mixing up your programs. This will take away some of the drudgery and introduce some variety to keep things fresh.

• Be your own person. You will be surprised how many influences – both good and bad you will encounter. First are the diet experts, next are the exercise experts, and then there are the just one drink after work friends, and of course the “well it won’t hurt to have this extra piece of pie” friends. You need to ignore them all and stick with your plan. You will not succeed without your own personal strength to see you through.

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