Forgive yourself if you’ve fallen off the band wagon

Failure: Forgive yourself if you’ve fallen off the band wagon. Mistakes are a part of the course.

Assess: Where did you go off track with your fitness plans?  Assess what has been working and own up to what’s not working. For example:  If telling yourself that you’re going to exercise after dinner is not working, maybe it’s time to go directly to the gym from work? Don’t keep doing what is no longer working.

Information: Information, Information…. Do you know what it will take to get the results you seek? I had a client who was diligently doing her weights, but not enough cardio to trim down in a reasonable period of time. Do you have the right components included in your fitness program? If you feel like you’ve been stuck on the same treadmill for a while, it’s time to hire a trainer and nutrition wise see, go to see a Dietitian.

Listen: Listen to your body. Right now, we’ve had a few people come to us at One On One while following some very low calorie diets. For the record, no one should consume less than 1200 calories per day….During the workouts of these clients we notice: A decrease in their strength and ability to last, They become lethargic. A lack of energy is a physical sign from the body that it is not being treated well. Willpower should not compromise your health.

Understand: Healthy results take time. A healthy rate of fat loss is ½ pound to 2 pounds per week.  A greater rate of loss means that you are losing water and lean muscle tissue.

Resist: Resist quick fixes. If you hear about weight loss programs that promise you incredible sounding weight loss results in a very quick period of time, clutch your wallet and run…. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Rapid weight loss means a slower metabolism and rapid weight gain when you cease to follow those types of programs.

Exercise:  Stay active. Exercise is a key predictor for managing your weight. Research shows that if you cannot be bothered to change your dietary habits but you do remain active, over time you will do better at managing your weight.

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