Detox Shape-up Tip – Sodium

Tip #37

How much sodium do you eat per day?

According to Health Canada:

Canadians eat about 3400 mg of sodium each day. This is more than double the amount we need.Sodium is an essential nutrient found in salt and many foods. Our bodies need a small amount of sodium to be healthy, but too much can lead to high blood pressure, a major risk factor for stroke, heart disease and kidney disease. Sodium intake has also been linked to an increased risk of osteoporosis, stomach cancer and severity of asthma.

Intake levels: (adequate to upper limits)

Infants 0-6 months 120 mg/day
Infants 7-12 months 370 mg/day
Children 1-3 years 1000 mg/day 1500 mg/day (upper limit)
Children 4-8 years 1200 mg/day 1900 mg/day (upper limit)
Teens 9-13 years 1500 mg/day 2200 mg/day (upper limit)
Adults 14-50 years 1500 mg/day 2300 mg/day (upper limit)
Older adults 51-70 years 1300 mg/day
Older adults over 70 years 1200 mg/day
Pregnancy 1500 mg/day

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