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We’re all busy, the stress of incorporating a new workout regimen, and making signifigant changes to your diet all at once can derail your new fitness plan before it even starts. Sometimes transformation happens after a series of intentional, small day-to-day changes to your routine.


How much coffee do you drink? Health Canada recommends that Canadians limit their caffeine intake to the following:Healthy Adults: No more than 400 mg of

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Alcohol and Calories

Calories in Alcohol

Do You Know How Many Calories Alcohol Contains? ! Picture one brick of butter, now imagine thirty- one of them! Two six-ounce glasses of red

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Calgary personal training Smoothies

Smoothie Recipes

As a quick breakfast, satisfying snack, or healthy dessert, a smoothie can be a tasty and portable meal for those busy individuals who are frequently

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A friend of mine says that sometimes when you’re in the picture, it’s hard to see the frame. Well, forget the frame—I couldn’t even see

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Portion Control

Have you taken a look at the size of the dining plates and wine glasses when you’ve gone out to eat?! Holy crap! Everything is

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Do you need that snack? Some people need a morning snack and an afternoon snack. Some might need the morning or the afternoon snack. Some

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