Building Better Shoulders

Almost everyone struggles with their shoulders in one way or another. A common way we compensate for a lack of shoulder function is by excessively arching through the low back, which can irritate an inflame an already problem area. Good shoulder health is also important for picking up your children/grandchildren, moving boxes in your garage … Read more

Finding Balance, Calgary Herald

Calgary personal training Media Profile Sandra

Local fitness guru overcomes childhood pain to help others, When self-professed tomboy and wild child Sandra Bueckert boarded the plane from Jamaica to Canada in 1973, she never expected life could turn so cold in less than a few sleepless nights. But the then-seven-year-old’s carefree days playing in the sun and sand of the island … Read more

Great Glutes

Calgary personal training Glutes

By Sandra Bueckertphotography by Perry Thompson Won’t you love it when they hate to say goodbye, but they love to watch you go? An excellent resource, download here

Clean and Lean

Calgary personal training Clean and Lean

by Ellie Archer, Sandra Bueckert, Wendy Carvalho-Ashby, Annette Milbers Fleck, and Jari Love Calgary’s top trainers know that looking good is more about what you put in your stomach than what you do at the gym—a lot more. Here they share their philosophy about eating and what they eat on a typical day. A comprehensive, … Read more

Calgary Herald Fit 40 and Fabulous

Calgary personal training Calgary Herald

Expert advice on feeling better than ever in mid-life Sandra Bueckert knows what it’s like to feel like you’re getting too old and too fat.Though she had been a personal trainer and bodybuilding champion for years, giving birth to two kids and struggling to find a work/life balance left Bueckert with more than 50pounds that … Read more

Los Angeles Times

Las Angeles Times Article

In-Your-Face Fitness: Is there a right way for women to get ripped abs? There is something surreal about a former champion bodybuilder lifting up hershirt to show you her abs in the middle of a coffee shop.Sandra Bueckert is a 45-year-old mother of two and one of the best-knownpersonal trainers in my hometown, and she … Read more

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