Detox Fitness Shake Up – Deadlifts

Dead lifts are one of the most important exercises in your fitness arsenal. There are 3 types (traditional, sumo and Romanian). We will be talking about traditional dead-lifts which help with everyday life and keeps you standing tall. It’s a technical exercise that can be very difficult to perform. Given that we tend to lift more items in our lives off of the ground, It is functional. One of the most important things is how the exercise feels. You should be feeling the exercise in the entire posterior chain. Dead lifts should be felt in the hamstrings, butt, lower back, core and upper back. If performed properly it will mostly be felt in the legs, butt, upper back, and core. If improperly performed it will mostly likely be felt in the lower back. Bear in mind, that you will feel the exercise in the lower back but it shouldn’t be the focal point.

Here are some traditional dead lifting tips

• Maintain a narrow stance so the legs are in line (feet, knees and hips)

• Keep your weight on the outside and heel of the foot. Your knees don’t move (they stay out of the way of the bar).

• Keep the bar against the shins/drop butt slightly. Maintain a flat back without over arching and tighten your core.

• Keep the arms extended at all times and the shoulder blades set properly. Lift with your legs and focus on your buttocks. Push your hips (using the butt) into the bar (don’t lean back and arch back). Touch the bar evenly to the ground every time. Exhale as you lift and your arms should be perpendicular to the floor.

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