Serhii (Serge) Onyshchenko

Serhii is from Ukraine and is a certified personal trainer holding a master’s degree in exercise science. His journey as a personal trainer started in 2017. He says he is obsessed with assisting individuals in achieving their fitness goals efficiently, ensuring that his clients do not invest their time in activities that do not contribute to their success in the gym.

Serhii infuses his workouts with both enjoyment and challenge, preventing monotony by incorporating a diverse range of exercises aimed at enhancing strength, endurance, mobility, and power – all crucial aspects of health and longevity. He proudly asserts, “My combined educational background and practical experience gives me the knowledge and expertise required to offer my clients highly effective, tailor-made workout routines.”

Thanks to his personalized approach, clients under his guidance witness marked improvements in their body composition and strength. Serhii firmly believes that physical activity should be tailored to an individual’s fitness level, capabilities, and objectives to achieve positive transformations.

Serhii stands as a reliable source of accountability and motivation, committed to providing an exceptional training experience. He welcomes anyone seeking to move better and feel better to join him in their fitness journey.

On a more personal note, Serhii loves pizza, deadlifts, soccer, swimming, and hiking. “

What do Canadians say, that makes him laugh?  Break a leg!

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