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Clinical exercise physiologist Kathryn Wytsma-Fisher taking my body measurements

We get our motivation from a number of sources and the launch of The Body Renovation Journey, to transform myself physically and even mentally, is no different.

Sometimes we need inspiration to do something. 

And my inspiration to embark on this journey to get my life back began with a video interview with Sandra Bueckert-Davison of One on One in Calgary for Canada’s Podcast network.

Sandra Bueckert-Davison

During that interview she mentioned two people that have benefited from the personal fitness instruction they have received at One on One – one was an executive, the other an older Italian lady.

“One of our favourite clients is a little Italian dynamo named Mary. She’s 84 years old and has been training since 1998,” says Sandra. “When Mary walks through the studio, people’s heads just swivel around. She said I’m not going to be in a wheelchair like my friends. I’m going to walk to the grocery store. I’m going to be healthy enough to do it. I’ve watched her transition through life and she’s independent and she’s strong and she’s spunky that little one. It’s wonderful to see.

“I believe in having a purpose and a reason to get out of bed in the morning .  . . we have a CEO that recently stepped back from his position in the company. And in the last couple of months I have watched Dave just blossom. He neglected his body his whole life and finally in his mid-60s he’s come to see us. And the guy is just like clockwork coming into the studio and he’s feeling better and he’s feeling stronger and he’s feeling more confident. I got to tell you that’s kind of a high when you work with people and you see how it just translates into their lives. That’s a hook for me.”

When I heard those words, during the interview, I said to Sandra: “So I’m taking it, your message here is there is hope even for fat, old guys like me.”

Sandra and her team at One on One have been giving hope to many people over the years and it’s their stories that give me hope.

People like media personality Andrew Schultz who has a radio show on QR called Mornings with Sue & Andy with co-host Sue Deyell.

Andrew Schultz, Before and After

Andrew’s journey with One on One began July 2021. Its genesis was initially a weight loss challenge on radio using Jenny Craig. It was focused on diet. Andrew found it incredibly helpful because for years he had gone up and down on the scale. Life got in the way of being active. The diet component was something he had always missed out on. His journey began with diet in January 2021. He ended up winning the weight loss challenge with his co-workers, dropping almost 25 pounds.

“I’ve always been friends with Sandra from One on One and she had done some stuff previously in my life on TV.  A lot of segments. She posted something about her Lean & Mean Challenge that she does annually. I was just commenting haphazardly and I said ‘ya I would take part but I don’t know if you have the calipers big enough to do measurements on me’,” says Andrew.

That began the physical part of his body transformation.

Andrew Schultz

He ended up losing altogether 50 pounds including when he kicked in the physical part of his journey.

“Twenty years ago through TV we were doing a sale and they hooked me up with a trainer. I wasn’t into it. I did not have the mindset. I had the opportunity, the resources, the tools. The mindset is huge. No matter what anybody tells you, it is work but beyond the gym, beyond the dietary changes you have to make, it’s a conscious decision every single day but I found myself with family, I have four kids, my wife and I we try to spend as much time together as possible, we have a busy lifestyle . . . I don’t really have any hobbies,” says Andrew.

“So when I got into the health and lifestyle thing I said well this could be my hobby . . . One of the things that Sandra taught me more than anything and this phrase keeps coming back in my mind, ‘I’m not just going to teach you to work out, I’m going to teach you to change your body composition’. That was huge. The weight training. The weight training is something I very much loved and I have found that the weight training not only burns calories but I have seen my body change. I like seeing results. The one quote that somebody told me a long time ago was to be in good physical condition is special because you can’t buy it, you can’t rent it, nobody can gift it to you. It is only through the work effort and discipline that you put in.

“And I firmly believe that. And without the guidance of Sandra and the staff at One on One, I almost felt I was in school every time I was there, and so literally I was with her for about 13 months and I would still be there except my schedule is so hectic and there’s a gym right by my house. I have taken the lessons I’ve learned from One on One . . . I want to see if I can use these skills on my own and that’s what I really like about it.”

Cynthia Clark was interested in working out with Sandra and her team for many years. The idea kept popping into her head seeing ads by One on One in different publications.

Cynthia Clark

“I’m an ageing athletic person who wants to stay in shape, stay strong, maintain mobility, play my sports until I can’t anymore,” she says.

Exercise and fitness has become a key part of her life today.

“It’s as important as eating, drinking, working, socializing, travel, etc. Keeping active keeps my body and brain refreshed. I find that I can tackle life’s challenges by taking a break, getting the heartrate up and clearing my brain.”

Stories like Andrew’s and Cynthia’s, as well as other clients One on One has helped over the years, motivate me to stick to my Body Renovation Journey as I transform my life.

Written by Mario Toneguzzi

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