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Luke resonates with clients who feel unmotivated, stressed, and would like to build confidence inside the gym and out. When it comes to weight-loss and reclaiming your health, Luke understands. His personal experience of losing nearly 100 pounds has helped him navigate the challenges of losing weight and keeping it off for good. Luke’s repeated weight-loss bouts inspired him to learn human anatomy and physiology so he can continue exercise safely, as well as strategically plan workouts to achieve his goals quicker.

In his pursuit of knowledge, Luke graduated from Elevated Learning Academy with his Fitness Trainer Diploma and his Applied Nutrition Science Diploma. He continues his learning through courses compiled by the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Some of Luke’s recent studies include, “Mental and Physical Exercises for Long-term Stress Management”, “Better Brains, Better Bodies: Building Mental Muscle” and “Busy Days Call For HIIT”.

Luke strives to make his workouts gratifyingly challenging and fun by adding a variety of exercises and training implements. He gathers joy from coaching couples, families, and groups and strongly believes that in order to adhere to exercise, you must ENJOY it. Crazy, right?

When Luke is taking time away from coaching individuals, he continues after his passion by attending his own workouts, joining group classes (Spin and HIIT are his favorite), community sport teams and getting in touch with nature.

“If you push yourself for more, you’ll find more.”

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