joanna cao

Joanna started dancing at the age of 5 and started training for badminton and speed skating at the age of 9!  If she did not immigrate to Canada at the age of 12, she would have been on the Provincial Speed Skating team of Guangdong, China.

Joanna started weight training in University, although she started in the mathematics program, she found herself depressed due to prolonged sitting. She discovered her love for Kinesiology and started working as a Weight Room Supervisor and Personal Trainer in the University gym.

Throughout her Personal Training experience, she has worked with the general population, clients seeking rehabilitation, older adults, athletes, and people with disabilities. She is also strong in the areas of functional training, core training and powerlifting techniques.

Joanna understands the impact of fitness on mental health. As a positive and encouraging person, a session with her focuses on helping her clients to improve their fitness while elevating their mood and confidence.

When not working, she enjoys powerlifting, hiking, backpacking and playing badminton with her friends. She also loves gardening and eating delicious food!

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