7 Ways to Fit Exercise Into Your Day

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Let’s face it, life can get very hectic and getting consistent workouts in can feel daunting. Here are a few ways that you can still make your fitness a priority. If one strategy doesn’t work, try something else. For the longest time, I could not get out of bed to work out in the mornings. When I got into the groove, it yielded a whole new start to my day. I accomplished more that I ever had! Keep going and here’s to getting your sweat on!

1)Trade workout times with your spouse.

If you workout in the morning, your spouse wakes up with the kids. After work, you pick up the kids so that they can get to the gym.

2) Choose a workout spot that’s close to where you live or work. Convenience does make a difference.

3) Buddy up: Walk or workout with a co-worker at lunch 2-3 times during the week. Choose someone that’s on the same wavelength as you. You can catch up, motivate, and encourage each other.

4) Meeting with a client you know well? Walk to where you’re meeting. Or grab a coffee and walk and talk. I’ve done this many times. The fresh air and change of scenery make such a difference. The results might surprise you!

5) Instead of going out for lunch, go and workout! Pack and eat lunch at your desk. You’ll save time, money and a whole lot of excess calories from impulsive purchases.

6) Instead of watching TV: Plan (ahead of time) to walk with your spouse or a favorite neighbor after dinner. Start with a couple days and build up. What a great way to catch up! Bring the pets along.

7) Don’t just sit there! Instead of sitting while your kids play sports, wear fitness attire so that you can go for a walk or a run. Or trade off the pickup and drop off with your spouse so that you can fit in a workout.

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