Tanya Farah – Speedy Recovery:

Building Strength Pre-Surgery makes for A “Well Oiled” 50+ Believer in the Power of Movement and Fitness

Five years ago, I was struggling with left hip pain.  I was diagnosed with a malformation of the hip socket which required surgery to repair.  I had almost no exercise program or fitness routine in place prior to the surgery.  The recovery from the surgery was really difficult – 9 weeks non-weight bearing, 6 weeks with progressive weight bearing and then finally walking short distances. 

Because I had such underdeveloped core strength, it took a very long time to train my body to “fire” those muscles when I needed to engage them for every day activities – walking, going up and down stairs, bending over to pick up the laundry basket, you name it!  But I did finally get there about 9 months later.

Last month, I did the same surgery on my right hip.  This time, however, I had been working with Codrut at One On One Fitness for the past year and my core strength was in top notch shape!  I am now six weeks post surgery and I am already weight bearing, my muscles are all remembering how to fire correctly, and I’m not compensating with the wrong muscles.  I can’t believe how much easier this recovery has been, largely because of the effort we put in before the surgery. 

As Sandra had told me when I started working out at One On One, I needed to “get rid of the rust” that had built up over time.  Now, even after having a hip repair surgery, I’m a “well oiled” 50+ true believer in the power of movement, fitness and strength building.  Thanks for all you have done with me over the past year, Codrut!!  I couldn’t have done it without you!!

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