Lean & Mean Challenge

Joining One On One is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Step 1:
Give us a call at (403) 244-9059, and let's chat. A phone conversation is a simple way to confirm that we are a good match for you. We can discuss your current level of fitness and what your fitness goals are for the future.

Step 2:
Book a free consultation for yourself. The consultation is usually 60 minutes or less. No fitness workout is established yet. At this stage we want to learn more about your training and health history, what equipment or exercise facilities you have available away from the studio, your schedule, etc. During the consultation, you have the opportunity to expand on your goals and have any lingering questions answered. The studio has several different packages available, and we can explore what would work best for you.

Step 3:
Sign up and become a member of One On One Personal Fitness Instruction. At your first session, you'll drop in a few minutes early to get changed and warmed up. If you've completed a fitness assessment, your trainer will review your results. The structure of the training session itself is customized to your specific goals and current level of fitness. Most of our clients at One On One have a homework program designed for them to repeat away from the studio.

Don't be surprised if you run into your friends and acquaintances at One On One!

Rather than put our newsletter aside to gather dust for another six months, this time around give us a call today. . .

403-244-9059 or e-mail us to discuss taking your fitness to the next level.

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